When choosing our products, for the majority, we make our decisions based on quality, economic and sustainable practices, and health.  

Our Coffee

We carry Heritage Coffee. We chose Heritage not only because it is the best coffee in the state of Alaska, but because we are proud of this company and its practices. 

Heritage Coffee Roasting Co.'s hometown is Juneau, Alaska. They are the oldest privately-owned coffee roasting company in Alaska. Established in 1974 with a vision of bringing the freshest coffee possible to the community. Dedicated to brewing, passionate about roasting and driven to source high quality coffees responsibly. Heritage is committed to building healthy and happy lives in their community and in coffee-growing communities around the world.


Forget Me Not Espresso is the interior's distributor for Heritage Coffee. If you are interested in carrying Heritage at your coffee stand, hotel, shop, please contact us.

Our compostable cups and lids


Loopy Lupine Distribution LLC is an Alaskan company out of Homer that provides recycled, unbleached, chlorine free, compostable, and environmentally responsible products. When feasible, ​Forget Me Not Espresso carries Loopy Lupine's cups and lids. 

Healthy Options

We offer healthy options as well as your tasty treats. We do bake our own goods and can bake from suggestions as well.

All of our items can be made healthier. We carry healthier protein options for our burritos, ready to eat oatmeal, alternative milks, green smoothies and more!